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Mitzi's Doll Shoppe

History and Background




1. The Ginny doll got a new big sister Jill in 1957. A brother Jeff was also added to the line. They were the first well known teenage dolls of the fashion doll world.

2. In 1958, American Character took a high profile name Toni, and used it on a full figured adult doll. Dressed as a bride and with flirty eyes, she was light years away from the baby dolls earlier in the decade.

3. The world was introduced to Barbie, Teen Age Fashion Model Doll in March, 1959. With her eerie white Irises and arched brows, she had an exotic look that within months would be tamed down to all American status. Things were never the same for decades!

4. American Character's Tressy with a fully rooted scalp (Barbie doll was totally bald in the middle of her ponytail!) added the aspect of hair play to fashion dolls. While successful for several years, she eventually was defeated in the market place by Barbie.

5. It was a Mod world by 1967 and Barbie doll had a whole new face and entire closet full of groovy new clothes! Mattel launched a trade-in program so that for your old doll and $1.50 you could own the new, Mod Barbie!

6. In the late 1970s, Kenner proudly unveiled a slightly larger (just over 12inches) fashion doll named Darci. As a cover girl, this with it girl who sported all the latest in Disco fashions was a smash hit with collectors, but her odd size caused her demise with parents.

7. Introduced in 1995, the Gene doll by Mel Odem and Ashton-Drake Galleries was the first fashion doll that had not risen from play doll roots (other than the French fashion dolls of the previous century). At 16 inches, she defined a new size for the genre.

8. During 1999, The Robert Tonner Doll Company brought another star to the fashion doll world. Her name is Tyler Wentworth and her impact is astonishing for a new doll.

9. Also during 1999, designers Laura Meisner and Doug James for Knickerbocker, Inc. premiered Daisy and Willow, two exciting new dolls that have the unique story line of being teens in the turbulent mid 1960s in swinging London!

Ginny , Jill and Jeff are trademarks of Vogue Dolls, Inc.

Toni is a trademark of the Gillette Corporation and was used under license by the American Character Doll Company.

Barbie and Barbie Teen Age Fashion Model Doll, Barbie Millicent Roberts, Ken, Midge and Skipper are registered trademarks of Mattel, Inc.

Tressy was a registered trademark of the American Character Doll Company.

Darci was a registered trademark of Kenner Toy Corporation.

Gene is a registered trade mark of Mel Odem and Ashton-Drake Galleries.

Cissy is a registered trademark of the Alexander Doll Company.

Tyler Wentworth and Kitty Collier are registered trademarks of the Robert Tonner Doll Company.

Daisy and Willow are registered trademarks of Knickerbocker, Inc, designed by Laura Meisner and Doug James.



Hi and Welcome to my Site.
I am a Doll Collector of many years and have decided to share some of my collection with you.
My main focus has been antique dolls of all sizes and types. I have a passion for Parians. Something about the "milky smooth texture" yet most of my collections consists of bisque dolls dating from 1890 onward. Some dolls have been passed to me from my parents who were also avid doll collectors.
In the recent months I have found myself including a new direction. The Modern Day Fashion Doll mainly the Gene Marshall Collection. The "Gene" doll and her newest friends Madra Lord, Violet Waters and Trent Osbourne are 15 1/2" tall. They are of high qualinty vinyl,strickingly painted features and real eyelashes.

Send an e-mail and tell me how you first became a collector or the story of your best find.


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